Book review: Friendship with God by Trevor Hudson


While still in the middle of it I knew I’d be returning to Trevor Hudson’s Friendship with God. It’s a great book. Its length (it’s under 200 pages) belies its wisdom. Hudson has a pastoral heart, and the book is warm, empathetic and concise. It answered a lot of as-yet unasked questions of mine; not offering novel answers as much as practical insight.

Title: Friendship with God (republished as “Beyond Loneliness: The Gift of God’s Friendship” by Upper Room Books in 2016)
Author: Trevor Hudson
Publisher: Struik Christian Media
Rating: 4/5 (Goodreads rating, for comparison: 3.88/5)
Best feature of the book: Its wisdom, accessibility and practicality.
Worst feature of the book: The monastic influences won’t appeal to everyone.
Trigger warnings: N/A.
You’ll like this if… You have questions about having a relationship with God or if you’re looking for a practical starting point.


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  1. Thank you Lee for taking the time to read Friendship With God and your encouraging review. Appreciate.

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