It’s time (Lent 2017)


I’m on the Lent B-team y’all.

Every year I try to do something for Lent – a fast, a commitment, whatever – and to be honest I usually give-up or fail.

But I want this Lent to be different.

Those of you who follow my Revised Common Lectionary write-ups will know that Trump’s election has been a great source of concern to me. It seems like hardly a day goes by without some new decision of “his” pushing the US, and consequently the world, into a very dark direction indeed: one of nationalism, xenophobia, racism, sexism and discrimination against the LGBTIA community.

It’s frightening how swiftly things seem to have changed, which really means things never changed at all – and how scary is that?

Lent starts this Wednesday. It marks the forty day period of temptation Jesus faced in the desert. Traditionally it’s been a time of fasting in preparation for Easter (Easter Sunday falls on April 16 this year). It’s a time of darkness before the light of Easter Sunday. Many churches will physically darken their worship spaces on Good Friday.

Partisan politics aside, it feels like a very dark period of time in our history. I can’t help but wonder if history will look back at this time and mark it down as “the start” of something atrocious.

But it needn’t be so.

So this Lent I’m going to (try to!) commit to forty days (plus those four errant Sundays) of prophetic prayer for myself, the people around me, my community, country, and the world.

I’m going to use this period of darkness to pray ever more fervently for the Light.

If you’d like to join me, you can download my prayer guide here: Lent Prayer and Intercession Guide (.pdf)

I’ll be posting daily prayer reminders with Scripture and other inspiration on both my blog and my Facebook page starting tomorrow, so if you’d like to join in, be sure to like “Notes” on Facebook or to sign up to receive e-mail updates. 

L x