“Christian crusader in teen abuse scandal”


John Smythe, left. Source. 

A prominent British attorney’s years-long abuses against teenage boys in southern Africa has been revealed in a Channel 4 documentary.

John Smythe worked many years as a missionary in southern Africa.

He was charged with the culpable homicide of a teen boy in Zimbabwe back in 1992. Shortly thereafter he moved to South Africa and continued his work with teens.

He administered violent beatings for perceived “moral offenses” such as masturbation and pride. While not overtly sexual, a 1982 report found his punishments to be “suppressed masochistic sexual activity”. The beatings were so severe, some victims had to wear nappies afterwards.

Evidence suggest the Anglican Church worked to cover-up Smythe’s offences.

In the last decade Smythe has been involved in cases against pro-LGBTI and abortion laws in South Africa.

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