Podcast rec: “Mid-Faith Crisis”



I remember vaguely threatening some time last year to review podcasts, but for various reasons (utter lack of planning, for one) I’ve never actually done it. There are plenty of good podcasts, of course, but I hadn’t actually run across one I enjoyed enough that I wanted to go to the trouble of trying to write coherently about it.

But Mid-Faith Crisis, a podcast hosted by Joe Davis and Nick Page, merits some kind of articulation.

Mid-Faith Crisis describes itself as “A podcast for every Christian who has ever asked ‘Is that it?'” More than the mountain tops or the steep valleys, I think it’s the plateaus that do our faith in: when things are alright or have been alright, but at some point we realise, This isn’t enough. We’re bored, desperate, disillusioned, and wondering just where to go to from here. After all, where do you go when you’ve reached the final destination of the ecclesial version of your faith journey? There shouldn’t be more stops after that, right?

The end of this journey looks different for everyone. For some it’s a tragedy that does it, something that asks questions the faith wander we’ve been on fails to answer or account for. For others it’s the exhaustion of religiosity and day-to-day belief, a road uninterrupted by significant pit stops. For others still I think it’s doubts – doubts about the “tried and tested and approved” methods of faith, the “official version” if you will.

Some arrive at this point by tumult. Others reach it, lost. Still others struck out that way intentionally.

But what do you do when you get there?

That’s (one of) the questions Mid-Faith Crisis ponders. It doesn’t really offer sign posts, a kind of “If situation is X do Y” map. Instead it offers theories about why our faith journeys take a turn when they do. They offer ideas and still more questions to ponder. But what I enjoy most is that they offer a kind of companionship: No, you’re not alone in having these feelings. That’s an immense comfort when you feel like you’re surrounded by people who appear content.

Download the first episode here. It’s about 25 mb. Check out their website for the rest. To read more about the hosts, go here