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Most redemptive: Rev. Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy says wise things about the church and LGBTI people:

The thing is, as a wise person said recently: every time you draw a line every time you build a wall to exclude people, Jesus ends up on the other side of it. Jesus, who hung out on the margins of his society with those deemed unworthy and dangerous; Jesus saw them, saw God in them, and loved them for exactly who they were.

Most “nodding along”: Five lies pastors are tempted to tell, and how to resist them.

Most insightful in an unpleasant, “not at all surprised” way: Scot McKnight draws an interesting connection between the ESV translation’s “permanent edition” and one of their dodgier translation decisions:

Exegesis can settle this, and if this exegesis is right, the ESV must at least consider an immediate change in its translation. When I first heard this my first response was, “Why would the ESV do this? Why would they alter this verse in this way and then say it is Permanent?”

Why indeed?

Most schadenfreude-inducing: Steven Anderson, homophobic pastor and general angry person, has been banned from entering South Africa. He was due to “evangelise” here later this week. I also found it bracing that many South Africans in the comment section of his Facebook post sharing the news so openly supported the government’s decision.

Most edifying: Part two of a series on spiritual abuse. It deals with “abusive atmospheres” and I found the subsection on how to recognise these spiritually abusive atmospheres very spot-on.

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