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Weekly Reads is a collection of interesting, inspiring or thought-provoking blog posts, articles and resources from around the web.

* Michelle von Loon makes some great points about the “world changer” rhetoric youth movements are so fond of encouraging:

Perhaps a chastened, more modest appraisal of our role in God’s wonderful plan for our lives will help us cultivate endurance, courage, and resilience. […] As we seek to follow Jesus, turning the world upside down will happen whether we intend it or not, and our metrics for success are not God’s.

* A series of practical tips on leaving a spiritually abusive church environment.

Quote of the week

“If God is good and God is good to me, then I must fill in the gaps of the unknowns of my life with a resounding statement of trust. God is good at being God. I don’t have to figure my present circumstances out. All I have to do is trust.” Lysa Terkeurst

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