Weekly reads, Women's issues

Weekly reads


Weekly reads is a selection of interesting articles, blog posts and resources from around the web.

Recently conservative American pastor Peter Jones wrote a blog post essentially blaming conservative mothers for their sons’ lacking masculinity. Angela Hurst over at CBE International wrote an excellent article in return:

It is difficult to escape the irony of this statement. Throughout the article, Jones places the blame for “stunted masculinity” squarely on the shoulders of God-fearing, conservative, complementarian mothers while paying only lip service to the role of complementarian fathers who are supposed to be doing the “leading” in these churches and families. In doing so, he casts a bit of a smoke screen himself.

If excuse-making is the death of “true masculinity,” I think Jones just gave us a prime example of what that looks like.

Retha Faurie over at Biblical Personhood has also made a very nifty flow chart to properly explain Peter Jones’ thinking. It’s endlessly entertaining.

Nicole Sheets wrote a great article at Her.Meneutics about having the humility to learn from Millenials. The amount of anti-Millenial sentiment on my Facebook newsfeed alone is insane, and while I’m not fond of hipsters myself, I do wonder if this dislike is proportionate.

Shae Bynes at CharismaNews with a sensible post about pride’s hidden nuances. The Lord recently revealed a hitherto largely unnoticed undercurrent of pride in my own life, and this article inspired more than one or two “Ahhh” moments.

Quote of the week

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” Nietzsche

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