Checking in


Hello! I know, I disappeared for a while. Initially I only wanted to take a week off, but it has turned into two, and now three. I didn’t want to go another week without explanation, though. First off, I want to thank everyone who has been reading my devotionals. Writing on a regular basis has really helped heal some holes left by my previous church situation. I’ve just really enjoyed exploring God and his Word in this way, and that people on the Internet and WhatsApp have been following along is great. So, thank you! #CoffeeTimePrayer will be back, but not in its three-times-a-week format. If my devotionals were shorter I wouldn’t have made a change, but, err, sometimes they tend to get away from me! And from my own devotional reading experience I know there’s just not always time to read long devos, even though you might really want to. Look out for a new #CoffeeTimePrayer devo once a week, usually pretty early in. 

Secondly, I’m hoping less devos = more time for other blog writing! I’ve wanted to commit to weekly lectionary write-ups for a long time, but between the devos and everything else I’ve just not had the time, nor the inclination if we’re being honest! But since I’m not preaching with any kind of regularity at the moment (I preached twice in June and just once in July – yesterday, in fact), I wanted to find a way to stay “on top” of the lectionary. So I’m really looking forward to blogging along with the lectionary. I’m also quite excited about blogging about things like books, writing, movies and podcast, so look out for that.

Thirdly, I’m hoping this new “blog schedule” will give me the time and space to tackle some meatier writing, including a Bible study of some kind. I’ll post more about this later (and will definitely need input and advice from you guys), but for the present moment just know that something is in the works.

And finally, this blog’s “branding” might change. The web address will remain the same, though, so don’t worry (but if you are, be sure to sign up for email updates – that way you won’t miss a post).

Thanks for sticking it out with me!

Lee x