#AWOP reflections


AWOPallI ended up doing yesterday’s fifteen minutes of praying out loud rather than in writing, as I had suggested in my original post, and a large chunk of it while having a bath[1]. Perhaps the point here is putting in the time, the intentionality and the faith rather than relying on a particular method to get you there–trust, in other words. Duh, right? We all learn our lessons differently…

I rambled on quite a bit throughout the day, but as with so many things, God used my rather paltry attempts to distil my thought processes into something useful. As I wrestled my many thoughts, concerns, suspicions and hopes into something more “Sunday best” than pure word vomit (prayer vomit?), I realised two things. First, that perhaps the most “jump into the sea, mountain!” prayer is, simply, to pray for God’s will to be done. Second, that the biggest act of faith is to pray for God to make his will your will.

And all that while watching soapies!

I do think there’s a “but” here, a little star indicating Ts & Cs. Pray for God’s will to be done, pray for your will to become like God’s will, to want the things he wants and wants you to want. But don’t do it passively. Don’t use it as an excuse not to put in the effort and, frankly, risk of praying; don’t use this as an excuse to back off from a situation, to head away from the mountain to a more palatable plain. True surrender is actively expecting God to intervene, and for you to be there when it happens. True surrender is realising that the process of prayer is just as important to God as its results are to you. True surrender is squaring up to God and asking, “Now what do we do?” True surrender is just as much an act of obedience as it is of faith. True surrender requires your presence – it isn’t an excuse for your absence.

Prayer that moves mountains has two essential ingredients: one of them is God, and the other is us.

Prayer inspiration: Psalm 104. 

[1] As I’m sure many of you will be either dismayed or flattered to know!