Thursday reads, 19 May 2016

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Lee x

[1] This article reminds me of something I read years ago, about how a kid explained that he’d rather be in a wheelchair than fat, because you weren’t allowed to mock people in wheelchairs. The implication being, of course, that cripples can’t help it, but that fat people can (recent research shows it isn’t simply about self-control).

A few days ago I walked into one of those “hipster” clothing outlets – you know, the ones that sell skinny jeans so tight there isn’t even room for a zipper, and they have to use drawstrings like grandma pants? Yep. An exiting dudebro asked his fried, “Is she really going to browse here?” Like I lived in a world of body apartheid and had dared stepped into a “skinny only” area. Apparently it didn’t cross this dudebro’s mind that, one, I was browsing in this male store for someone else or, two, that I could go wherever the hell I liked and didn’t owe him an explanation.

Something similar happened a few years ago. I was browsing in a higher-end outlet with a friend, for that friend’s boyfriend. I saw the two dudebros leave (although this was before the era of that glorious epithet), but it took my (skinny) friend to relay to me that one had asked the other, apparently upon seeing me, whether he would ever “eff a fat girl”. Naturally it did not occur to them that said fat girl was equally uninterested, or to my friend not to share this fascinating tidbit with me because, oh, I don’t know, it would cut deep enough that I still remember it all these years later? (Don’t worry. We’re not friends anymore.) I do wonder – is fat shaming the most acceptable kind of prejudice because its primary targets are usually women?