Sanity Sundays

sanitysundaysToday’s edition of Sanity Sundays is specifically for women. During the week I wrote a – ah, irate – response to a conservative blogger’s review of an egalitarian book. And while I stand by what I wrote, even the sarcastic bits (especially the sarcastic bits), there was a lot of behind-the-scenes agonizing about it being too much. About me being too much. It’s a peculiar dilemma we women are faced with; it feels like every day we are hesitating over thresholds that will label us one way or another – either as “too much” or as “not enough”; sometimes, bizarrely, frustratingly, both at the same time.

In this regard this post from Sarah Christine Schwartz has been helpful. While she’s addressing relationships I think it’s encouraging in so many areas of our lives. I’m not going to copy/paste the whole post, just an excerpt, and hope that you will head over to her blog to read the rest.

Don’t cower in fear of upsetting someone else, or make yourself less so someone else can be more. BE YOURSELF. FULLY, COMPLETELY, UNAPOLOGETICALLY, WILDY, WONDERFULLY YOURSELF.

In times like these I’m reminded of how Jesus was never intimidated by women, no matter which “label” they fell under. Samaritans? Prostitutes? Women more interested in learning from him than keeping house? Women who kept house? He treated them all the same. He taught them. They taught him. With Jesus you get the feeling that they were never too much or not good enough; they were just right. Because they were who they were – and because he was who he was. And he is still that today.