New series: Coffee Time Prayer


Perhaps starting a recurring blog series centred around God and coffee during Lent wasn’t the best idea ever, but then neither was going to look at a burning bush several thousand years ago (looking at you there, Moses). There are two reasons I chose “coffee time” to tie this series of encouragement to: 1. It’s the start of my day, the first deep breath I take, and, to be honest, the first time I’m really conscious since I’ve gotten up! 2. It takes five minutes, ten if you’ve got restraint (or a second cup).

Look, it’s tough to have a sit-down with God at the start of each day even at the best of times; conversely, that’s all the more reason we need to do it. If we don’t, we’ll end up spending our religious lives in a fugue state between Sundays, or between Sunday and the day we have our small group or Bible Study. Nothing seems to spin out of control as quickly as our religious lives – and that’s no accident. I’ve found that a day started in God tends to stay with God longer, and I hope that this principle will also be true of our weeks as a whole. I’ll post Coffee Time updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; hit the “Subscribe by email” button at the top left of this blog to receive each update in your inbox come coffee time*, and don’t forget to confirm your subscription.

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